Vertigo – This Hitchcock film stars Jame Stewart as a man who is consumed by unobtainable obsession.  History repeats and so do emotional patterns.  

Lolita – Stanley Kubrick directed a story of a middle aged man’s obsession with a pubescent teen.   Based on Nabokov‘s novel.  This controversial book is not sugar coated by Kubrick.    No rose colored classes on this one.

Damage – Jeremy Irons becomes consumed by a mysterious woman also consumed by her own trauma.  Some things cannot be fixed.

M. Butterfly – David Cronenberg directed this film based on a true story.  

Camille Claudel. An amazing portrait of the young artist Camille Claudel.  She came under sculptor Rodin’s tutalige and then under this thumb.  The spiral into insantiy is soon to follow.  You’ll never look at a Rodin sculpture the same again.