The #MeToo movement has just scratched the surface on how sex is used as a weapon. From financial and professional ruin to outright loss of life, despite the headlines, little has changed. Here are five films that ever woman needs to see.

Unbelievable – The title is quite app and the show is available on Netflix. Not only is the story a classic blame the victim and deny, the acting is also incredible.

The Loudest Voice – Roger Ailes has made history for starting Fox News. But he also was a notorious sexual harasser and workplace rapist.   On Showtime.

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber – Another Showtime series and while this is about the tech company Uber, it also typifies tech and Silicon valley culture against women which to this day goes unabated.

Fithy Rich – By now most know Jeffrey Epstein routinely had underage girls dished up for himself and his friends. What’s most terrifying is how this guy became so wealthy and connected in the first place. Epstein is so disgusting, watching this in pieces in recommended to avoid getting sick.

Untouchable – This is one of the first documentaries on convicted rapist and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The thing is, this maybe the casting couch but almost every industry has an undiscovered Weinstein in their midst. On Hulu.