Isn’t it frustrating to find an incredible show, the production, the writing, the direction, the sets, the acting, the editing, the score mind blowing good…only to be left hanging with no real resolution or satisfying ending to the series? Or worse?

Here’s five shows that really need to be revived.

  • The Fall – Yes, it did resolve but what happens to the rest of the characters?  What about sexual feminista extrodinaire Stella Gibson?
  • Mindhunter – The Netflix series ends with lots of relationships left dangling, lots of creepy serial killers left to interview, plenty of cases to put behavioral profiling to the test, but no season 3.  This is a masterwork by David Fincher.
  • Taboo – An incredible cast rounds out this original story written by Tom Hardy’s Dad and himself.  Max Ritcher scores.  While the series ends with most of the story resolved, we are left dangling on a host of characters and their fates, as they set sail for new horizons.  Supposedly a second series has been written and filming should start in 2023.
  • Carnivale – HBO’s Carnivale was a marvel to behold.  Card tricks and demons, carney’s and the cosmos, just when the cauldron of trouble is really boiling the show ends.  The entire story arc was ruined kind of like being stuck on a roller coaster at the top of the ride.
  • The Knick – Steven Soderbergh’s drama about hospital at the turn of the century is mind bending.  The entire cast is incredible and the story lines touts a fine line between madness and genius.the knick tv show poster