It is rare to be able to watch any film or TV show more than once.  Often even making it through the first in the series is an click the big X on the streaming screen.  Here are five TV shows you can watch more than 5 times.   The reason these are repeatable is the cadence and score.  The shows are more like an opera or symphony, with a cadence.

    • Prime Suspect Series 1 – The show has a score by Stephen Warbeck and the entire series has a rhythm, a cadence, a relentless consonance and dissonance  that underscores the misogyny, not just of the crime but also the workplace and at home.
    • The Fall – This is another series with a incredible dissonant film score. Not as watchable as Prime suspect but the length of the show, three series, not ever moment can be perfect.
    • The Sopranos – If you watch this enough, soon you will be comparing your Ziti recipe.  The opening theme music really helps but this one is all about the acting and the script.
    • Mad Men – The series spans the 1960s decade and is such a commentary on the times in America.
    • Star Trek (Original series) – You don’t have to be a Trekkie to appreciate this show.  Styrofoam rocks rule and even have a species.