Who doesn’t just go nuts trying to keep up with all of the dirt, dust and dander?    Here are five very effective cleaning products which don’t cause a toxic nightmare or give you cancer 20 years later.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap – This stuff dilutes and can be used from cleaning your walls to cleaning your dog. There are other makers of liquid Castile but no one creates such a funky bottle like the Dr. Bronner’s brand.

White Vinegar –  Very effective cleaner for windows, glass, electronics, plastic.  Just make sure it’s diluted and used sparingly on plastics.

Baking Soda – The great grit pull it out and absorb it stuff.  Make a paste of it to clean chrome, stainless steel.  Add it to your laundry.  Clean your floors with it.

Lemon Oil – Use sparingly for cleaning leather, vinyl and even some woods.   Not only does it clean, the scent is astral-plane!

Murphy’s Oil Soap – This is the one to use on wood.  Mixed with water, use sparingly and with a microfiber cloth.