The Black Death is probably the worst contagion of spreadable disease in the known history of mankind.  It was caused by three different infections:  Bubonic plague, Pneumonic plague  and Septicemic plague.  Plague has ravaged socieities all the way into the 1900s.  The European middle ages is the time when the pestulance killed over 50% of populations.    Here are some fictional films with Black Death as a subject in the story.Chess game with death

The Seventh Seal – This 1957 Ingmar Bergman film has a knight from the crusades traveling home during a great plague as he plays chess with death to stave off the inevitable.

Flesh and Blood – Who does not love the actor Rutger Hauer? This 1985 film uses the plague as a weapon of war.

Black Death – Set in the middle ages, once again the plague is used as a weapon of revenge. This is a complete action/adventure fantasy but who can argue with actor Sean Bean in the lead?

The Physician – Set in the 11th century, a young man goes to Persia to study medicine. Once again the Black Death is used as a political weapon as the disease is set upon the city. Sir Ben Kingsley and Stellan Skarsgårdin star.

The Reckoning – A 2003 murder mystery film set 1380AD where the victim is exposed to the plague and the Black Death threads throughout the story.