Chilling Films

Rosemary’s Baby – Roman Polanski directed this classic. Ruth Gordon as the nosey neighbor devil worshipper is a frightening delight.

Deliver Us From Evil – This 2006 documentary about a Catholic priest is bone chilling

The Shining – Stanley Kubrick’s mastercraft of the incongruous and lurking evil.

Psycho – Classic Hitchcock changes one’s view of the shower forever

M – Fritz Lang’s 1931 German film with Peter Lorre holds up to this day.  

Funny Movies For Thinking People

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – This is the funniest film of all time and no, that’s not a herring!

Harold and Maude – Ruth Gordon is a treasure as an 80 year old free spirit. Bud Cort courts death and the two make a most interesting pair. Should be a tutoiral on

Meaning of Life – Monty Python’s classic teaches us about gluttony, death, and the differences between religions.

Being There – Hal Ashby directed and Peter Sellers plays Chance the gardener. It is how the powerful are so self centered they project whatever they want to believe onto others.

slim pickins rides bomb

Dr. Strangelove– Stanley Kubrick directed this farce about the cold war and nuclear insanity. Nothing beats watching Slim Pickin’s Bronc riding a nuclear warhead.