Five TV Shows You can Watch Over and Over and not Tire of Them

It is rare to be able to watch any film or TV show more than once.  Often even making it through the first in the series is an click the big X on the streaming screen.  Here are five TV shows you can watch more than 5 times.   The reason these are repeatable is the cadence and score.  The shows are more like an opera or symphony, with a cadence.

    • Prime Suspect Series 1 – The show has a score by Stephen Warbeck and the entire series has a rhythm, a cadence, a relentless consonance and dissonance  that underscores the misogyny, not just of the crime but also the workplace and at home.
    • The Fall – This is another series with a incredible dissonant film score. Not as watchable as Prime suspect but the length of the show, three series, not ever moment can be perfect.
    • The Sopranos – If you watch this enough, soon you will be comparing your Ziti recipe.  The opening theme music really helps but this one is all about the acting and the script.
    • Mad Men – The series spans the 1960s decade and is such a commentary on the times in America.
    • Star Trek (Original series) – You don’t have to be a Trekkie to appreciate this show.  Styrofoam rocks rule and even have a species.

Five TV Series That Should Have Had Another… But Didn’t

Isn’t it frustrating to find an incredible show, the production, the writing, the direction, the sets, the acting, the editing, the score mind blowing good…only to be left hanging with no real resolution or satisfying ending to the series? Or worse?

Here’s five shows that really need to be revived.

  • The Fall – Yes, it did resolve but what happens to the rest of the characters?  What about sexual feminista extrodinaire Stella Gibson?
  • Mindhunter – The Netflix series ends with lots of relationships left dangling, lots of creepy serial killers left to interview, plenty of cases to put behavioral profiling to the test, but no season 3.  This is a masterwork by David Fincher.
  • Taboo – An incredible cast rounds out this original story written by Tom Hardy’s Dad and himself.  Max Ritcher scores.  While the series ends with most of the story resolved, we are left dangling on a host of characters and their fates, as they set sail for new horizons.  Supposedly a second series has been written and filming should start in 2023.
  • Carnivale – HBO’s Carnivale was a marvel to behold.  Card tricks and demons, carney’s and the cosmos, just when the cauldron of trouble is really boiling the show ends.  The entire story arc was ruined kind of like being stuck on a roller coaster at the top of the ride.
  • The Knick – Steven Soderbergh’s drama about hospital at the turn of the century is mind bending.  The entire cast is incredible and the story lines touts a fine line between madness and genius.the knick tv show poster

Five Films With Pancakes

Everybody loves Pancakes right? These films will make you see pancakes in a whole new light!

Rain Main – Dustin Hoffman makes Pancake Tuesday a national event.

Pulp Fiction – There’s more to this film than a $5 shake.  Try the pancakes honey bunny with or without bacon.

Fargo – Maybe some of those super bad things wouldn’t have happened if they had eaten more pancakes!

The Big Lebowski – Lingonberries baby, they’re the best for the rest!

Pleasantville – This film has 1950s breakfast like no other.  Pancakes in stark black and white!


Five Television Shows That Women Need to See

The #MeToo movement has just scratched the surface on how sex is used as a weapon. From financial and professional ruin to outright loss of life, despite the headlines, little has changed. Here are five films that ever woman needs to see.

Unbelievable – The title is quite app and the show is available on Netflix. Not only is the story a classic blame the victim and deny, the acting is also incredible.

The Loudest Voice – Roger Ailes has made history for starting Fox News. But he also was a notorious sexual harasser and workplace rapist.   On Showtime.

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber – Another Showtime series and while this is about the tech company Uber, it also typifies tech and Silicon valley culture against women which to this day goes unabated.

Fithy Rich – By now most know Jeffrey Epstein routinely had underage girls dished up for himself and his friends. What’s most terrifying is how this guy became so wealthy and connected in the first place. Epstein is so disgusting, watching this in pieces in recommended to avoid getting sick.

Untouchable – This is one of the first documentaries on convicted rapist and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The thing is, this maybe the casting couch but almost every industry has an undiscovered Weinstein in their midst. On Hulu.

Five Best Products for General Cleaning

Who doesn’t just go nuts trying to keep up with all of the dirt, dust and dander?    Here are five very effective cleaning products which don’t cause a toxic nightmare or give you cancer 20 years later.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap – This stuff dilutes and can be used from cleaning your walls to cleaning your dog. There are other makers of liquid Castile but no one creates such a funky bottle like the Dr. Bronner’s brand.

White Vinegar –  Very effective cleaner for windows, glass, electronics, plastic.  Just make sure it’s diluted and used sparingly on plastics.

Baking Soda – The great grit pull it out and absorb it stuff.  Make a paste of it to clean chrome, stainless steel.  Add it to your laundry.  Clean your floors with it.

Lemon Oil – Use sparingly for cleaning leather, vinyl and even some woods.   Not only does it clean, the scent is astral-plane!

Murphy’s Oil Soap – This is the one to use on wood.  Mixed with water, use sparingly and with a microfiber cloth.

Movies Which Should Have Won The Academy Award For Best Picture But Didn’t

Concussion – This important film about concussions causing traumatic brain injuiry in football.  It wasn’t even nominated.Bennet Omalu in front of some football helmets

Brokeback Mountain – A forbidden love affair between two cowboys in the 1960s

Malcolm X – A sweeping biographical epic on civil rights leader Malcolm X also wasn’t even nominated.

Goodfellas – This is the classic ganster movie by Scoresese.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 1964, Stanley Kubrick’s classic on how insanity is catching.  

Five Incredible TV Dramas

With the advent of streaming and premium cable channel content creation, TV has reentered a golden age.  Here are five incredible TV Dramas.

The Sopranos – This HBO show ran from 1997-2007.  It is as addictive as Camella’s Ziti.The Sopranos

Breaking Bad – Walter White goes dark in this intense, morally adrift on blue ice drama

Mad Men – Advertising executives in the 1950s thought the early 1970s.

Twin Peaks – David Lynch’s series went to places TV had not gone before.

Six Feet Under – A family funeral business and another HBO masterpiece.


Fictional Films on the Black Death

The Black Death is probably the worst contagion of spreadable disease in the known history of mankind.  It was caused by three different infections:  Bubonic plague, Pneumonic plague  and Septicemic plague.  Plague has ravaged socieities all the way into the 1900s.  The European middle ages is the time when the pestulance killed over 50% of populations.    Here are some fictional films with Black Death as a subject in the story.Chess game with death

The Seventh Seal – This 1957 Ingmar Bergman film has a knight from the crusades traveling home during a great plague as he plays chess with death to stave off the inevitable.

Flesh and Blood – Who does not love the actor Rutger Hauer? This 1985 film uses the plague as a weapon of war.

Black Death – Set in the middle ages, once again the plague is used as a weapon of revenge. This is a complete action/adventure fantasy but who can argue with actor Sean Bean in the lead?

The Physician – Set in the 11th century, a young man goes to Persia to study medicine. Once again the Black Death is used as a political weapon as the disease is set upon the city. Sir Ben Kingsley and Stellan Skarsgårdin star.

The Reckoning – A 2003 murder mystery film set 1380AD where the victim is exposed to the plague and the Black Death threads throughout the story.

Five Directors Who Never Won An Academy Award

This is just another example of how award shows are probably rigged and political.  Here are five directors who never won.


Stanley Kubrick  – Can you even believe the guy who directed 2001 A Space Odessey, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange and Barry Lydon never won?  There is no justice!

Alfred Hitchcock – The master of suspense never won.  Seriously.  This man created what is considered the best movie, at least in terms of repeating patterns and obsessive love, Vertigo and he never won.

Hal Ashby – Director of Shampoo, Harold and Maude, The Last Detail and  Being There.   Some of the most original and funny films of all time and nary a nod.

Ingmar Bergman – Yes he is Swedish but the director of The Seventh Seal didn’t ever win?  Oh those narassistic Americans.

Sidney Lumet – The man directed the 1976 film Network.   Someone needs to say to the Academy, “you have meddled with the primal forces of nature and you will atone!”

True Story Crime Miniseries

The People v. O.J. Simpson – This FX show won all sorts of awards it is so well done. A horrific crime is made worse by the shocking trial. You can’t make this stuff up people.

I Know My Name is Steven – This is a horrible case of child abduction by a monster. Worse were the laws at that time which gave hardly any consequence to such a bogeyman.

The Deliberate Stranger – This 1986 TV movie stars Mark Harmon as serial killer Ted Bundy. Chilling performance depicting a devil.

Escape at Dannemora – This Showtime miniseries describes an almost successful prison escape. The acting performances amplify the mind boggling enabling idiotcy.

Unbelievable – Netflix series based on a true story and Propublica article on a series of rapes. One victim recanted her reporting after detective repeatedly interrogated her as if she was lying and they prosecuted her! Merritt Wever and Toni Collette give outstanding performances as the two female detectives who solve the case.