Five Films With Pancakes

Everybody loves Pancakes right? These films will make you see pancakes in a whole new light! Rain Main – Dustin Hoffman makes Pancake Tuesday a national event. Pulp Fiction – There’s more to this film than a $5 shake.  Try the pancakes honey bunny with or without bacon. Fargo – Maybe some of those super […]

Five Television Shows That Women Need to See

The #MeToo movement has just scratched the surface on how sex is used as a weapon. From financial and professional ruin to outright loss of life, despite the headlines, little has changed. Here are five films that ever woman needs to see. Unbelievable – The title is quite app and the show is available on […]

Five Best Products for General Cleaning

Who doesn’t just go nuts trying to keep up with all of the dirt, dust and dander?    Here are five very effective cleaning products which don’t cause a toxic nightmare or give you cancer 20 years later. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap – This stuff dilutes and can be used from cleaning your walls […]

Five Incredible TV Dramas

With the advent of streaming and premium cable channel content creation, TV has reentered a golden age.  Here are five incredible TV Dramas. The Sopranos – This HBO show ran from 1997-2007.  It is as addictive as Camella’s Ziti. Breaking Bad – Walter White goes dark in this intense, morally adrift on blue ice drama Mad […]

Fictional Films on the Black Death

The Black Death is probably the worst contagion of spreadable disease in the known history of mankind.  It was caused by three different infections:  Bubonic plague, Pneumonic plague  and Septicemic plague.  Plague has ravaged socieities all the way into the 1900s.  The European middle ages is the time when the pestulance killed over 50% of […]

Five Directors Who Never Won An Academy Award

This is just another example of how award shows are probably rigged and political.  Here are five directors who never won.   Stanley Kubrick  – Can you even believe the guy who directed 2001 A Space Odessey, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange and Barry Lydon never won?  There is no justice! Alfred Hitchcock – The master […]